Staying warm and cost of living

Keeping warm over winter is essential for your well-being. The cost of living means some people are struggling to stay warm, there are plenty of ways to improve things that don’t have to cost a great deal.

The Met Office offers advice on ways to keep your home warm in winter. This helpful article also links to some of the support you could receive to help with the cost of living.

British Gas has some advice on the most efficient ways to keep your home warm in winter.

Heating Force offers some extra tips on how to keep the heat inside your house, including some easy, affordable tips you might not yet have thought about.

Finally, the Guardian has a host of tips using everyday items that are already available in your home to help you stay warm for no additional cost.

The BBC has done some research about how cold weather affects your body. Cold weather makes serious conditions like heart attack and stroke more likely.…ce/your-home/keeping-your-home-warm-in-winter…-to-stay-warm-without-whacking-up-the-heating

People in the UK are receiving support over the winter to help with the cost of energy. What you will receive and how you will receive it depends on how you get the energy to power your home.

If you were born before 26th September 1956, you are eligible for the Winter Fuel payment to help with your fuel bills. Following the link will also show you other payments you might be entitled to.
Additionally, if you receive certain benefits or Support for Mortgage Interest, you may receive an additional payment if the weather is very cold. You can find out more here.

If money worries are stopping you from taking your children out for the day, there are some fantastic free activities you can try. From free museums to days out in the woods, there is something for everyone.