The practice has been involved in research since 2017 and we are an approved practice to participate in research studies through the NHS National Institute for Health Studies.  By being part of research, it allows the NHS to undertake research so patients can benefit from new and better treatment and we can learn how to improve NHS healthcare for the future.

Studies we have undertaken so far include:-

HIPPO which is looking at whether using a new magnetic resonance brain scan identifies patient’s in the earliest stage of Alzheimer’s

TUDOR which is looking at the treatment of patients with psoriasis

SILTS which is looking at the genetic of thinness in adults

APPLAUD which is asking patients about their beliefs about antidepressant use

ANTLER which is looking at the effectiveness of long term maintenance of antidepressants

BEE which is trying to identify the best type of emollient for young children

CHICO is looking at the number of children we see with coughs, what we advice is given to treat this

PRiMUS is aiming to develop and validate a diagnostic and decision making aid for primary care management of lower urinary tract symptoms in men

FALCON is looking at a self management programme for patients with fibromyalgia

More studies are planned for the coming months.  For further details please speak to Dr Ash Singh our research lead for the practice.