Access to your Medical Records

As this is through our clinical system and differs to your on-line appointments and prescription ordering system, you will require a separate login to access your medical record.

If you would to request a login to access your medical record, which includes the medications you are on, any allergies or adverse reactions you may have had, please bring a photo ID (either a passport or driving licence) along with a recent (last 3 months) Bank/Building Society/Post Office Statement.

Please note we are unable to accept a utility bill as proof of address.

Once we have verified this information you will be provided with the required login and a password to allow you to access the information.

Contractual Requirements for patient online services

Close Farm Surgery currently offers patients’ facilities to book, view, amend and cancel appointments online.

Close Farm Surgery currently offers the facility for all patients to order online, view and print a list of their repeat medications.

Close Farm Surgery plans to offer all patients the facility to view online, export or print any summary information from their records relating to medications, allergies, adverse reactions and other items as agreed between the practice and an individual patient, via EMIS Web, Patient Access Software (a seperate username and password will be required to the one you use for the above as it is via different software).

Close Farm Surgery uses GP2GP to transfer patient records when patients move practice, where possible.

Close Farm Surgery have uploaded information to the Summary Care Record system (for those patients who have not opted out) since mid October 2014.