We offer an on the day telephone triage model.  Telephone appointments are booked in with a doctor who will contact you to discuss your condition.  If they feel you need to be seen face to face, the doctor will arrange to see you the same afternoon or may undertake a video call if you have a smartphone or computer with a webcam if this is appropriate.

Our morning GP telephone calls start at 8.40am (on some mornings this could be 9am if the doctors are attending early morning clinical meetings) and go on until lunchtime.  In the afternoon our telephone calls start at 3pm and finish at around 6pm.  We also offer additional appointments during our extended hours surgeries which vary each day of the week.

On a normal working day, our doctors can speak to up to 35 patients each  and undertake several home visits each for our housebound patients in-between morning and afternoon calls (or sometimes even on their way home late at night).

Please see our staffing page to check what day your usual doctor works before contacting the practice.

We offer two types of telephone appointments in the first instance:-

  1. Pre-bookable

We have a small number of telephone appointments which can be booked up to 3 weeks in advance for anything routine where you are happy to plan ahead and wait to be spoken to.

2. Telephone appointments on the day

Each day we offer what we call ‘telephone appointment on the day slots’ for those patients who are very unwell with an urgent medical problem which has to be dealt with that day.  These slots are not for routine matters and cannot be booked in advance.  For urgent calls we ask that patients contact us from 8am onwards for an appointment that day.  Our receptionists follow strict protocols set out by the doctors and you may be offered a more appropriate service such as a physiotherapist, pharmacist or referred to a local chemist for advice.

On-call doctor

We also have an on-call or emergency doctor each day which is rotated throughout the GP team.  If your usual GP is on leave, at a clinical meeting or on their non-working day you may be offered an appointment with the on-call doctor for your emergency.

In order to make sure you are given the correct type of appointment our reception staff will ask you for the reason for the appointment.  The doctors have asked them to do this so the information is passed onto the doctor so they are better prepared for your appointment.

We hope that by explaining how our appointments system works patients can understand our process and use our services more effectively. This is following feedback from our patients.

Extended hours appointments 

GP appointments are now available in your area during the evenings and at the weekend. To book an appointment, contact your practice.