Private Services

Non-NHS services (private work)

Medical examinations for things such as HGV and PSV licenses and for pre-employment are not paid for by the NHS. Some insurance forms, and other forms such as the certificates for Elderly Drivers Insurance, appear simple, but need a full medical examination for their completion. Examinations of this nature take time, and therefore a fee is charged. A special appointment will be required and a fee is payable by the patient at the time of examination. Details of current fees are displayed in reception.

Examinations for Life Insurance companies will also need a special appointment. They usually take half an hour to an hour to complete and the fee is usually paid by the Life Insurance company concerned.

Forms requiring signature

The number of forms that Doctors are being asked to complete is growing rapidly. In some cases, someone other that the Doctor can sign the form for you. If the Doctor does agree to sign the document for you there will be a charge for this. The current charges are displayed in Reception.

School certificates

Certificates for sickness for periods of less than one week should usually be signed by the patient themselves using form SC2 (available from your employer). A medical certificate is not required. If your employer insists on the production of a medical certificate a fee will be charged.

Holiday cancellation forms

Holiday cancellation insurance does not need a Doctors letter – it needs an official claim form obtainable from your insurers (a Doctor needs to fill in part of it). A fee is normally charged for completion of private certificates. Please ask at Reception for details.

Please note private work is not a clinical priority and will be undertaken when the doctor has time.  Therefore please allow sufficient time for completion of any of the above letters/forms.