Nurses and Healthcare Assistants

Practice Nurses

Janet Wells – Lead Nurse

Dawn Havron

Bryony Kay

Our practice nurses are available by appointment. You may be asked the reason for booking an appointment with the nurse. This is so that you can see the most appropriate person and the correct length of time can be allocated for them to help you.

They can help with:-

  • Treatment of minor injuries
  • Cervical smears
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Immunisation and advice for travellers abroad
  • Diabetic checks
  • Smoking cessation
  • Family planning advice
  • Dressings
  • Asthma checks
  • Complex ear syringing
  • Removal of stitches
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Liquid nitrogen treatment
  • For routine blood tests, please book an appointment with one of our phlebotomists so our nurses can be freed up to deal with more complex cases

They are also able to offer advice on other matters. Please feel free to ask at reception.

Hypertension, asthma and diabetes clinics

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma you will need regular follow-up. Much of this will be with the nurse according to protocols worked out with the doctors.

Please ask for the appropriate appointment (e.g. an asthma clinic appointment) for routine check-ups.

Antenatal clinic

Both the doctors and the midwives undertake antenatal care. Patients are seen regularly during pregnancy on a shared care basis.


The doctors and practice nurses immunise children under 5, this usually takes place on Tuesday afternoons, by appointment.

Our health visitors run a drop in clinic on the first Tuesday of every month from 2 – 3pm.  This monthly clinic is open to all – no appointment is necessary to see the health visitors.

Flu vaccination

We particularly recommend this for patients with heart, chest or kidney disease as well as diabetes.

It is also recommended for people over 65, and for the residents of nursing and residential homes. Please contact the reception during late September for details of our flu vaccination clinics, and to be put on our list for when the flu vaccine arrives.

Minor surgery

The doctors perform minor surgical procedures which may include such things as the removal of certain skin cysts and moles, incision of abscesses and injection of arthritic joints.  We run regular clinics at the surgery with Dr Singh who is the lead GP in this area.

Cervical smears

Smears tests are performed by our practice nurses Janet Wells and Bryony Kay. The test can detect cell changes in the cervix (neck of the womb) that can sometimes lead to cancer in the future. If changes are present, treatment is nearly always simple, effective and of a minor nature. We recommend that all ladies have regular tests and you will be notified when they become due by NHS England. Most patients who have had a total hysterectomy do not need to have a smear taken.  Ask your doctor or the practice nurse if you are not sure.

When making an appointment please advise the receptionist that this is for a smear so that adequate time can be allocated.  Please also note that cervical smears can only be taken mid cycle to ensure appropriate cells can be taken.

Infection prevention and control

Janet Wells is our lead for infection prevention and control.  The practice has a policy which all clinical and non-clinical staff must adhere to.

Healthcare Assistants

Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl is a trained Health Care Assistant. She is available Monday,  Wednesday and Friday mornings by appointment, to take blood samples from patients. Cheryl is also undertakes NHS health checks.  We also offer some early morning appointments for those patients who work.

Sarah Hopkins

Sarah is a trained Health Care Assistant. She is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, by appointment, to take blood samples from patients. Sarah is also available for stop smoking advice.