Carers Support Worker & Volunteers

Carers Support Worker

Mary Bennett is our Carers Support Officer who works with the practice on a regular basis.  Mary is available to see registered patients who are carers and has appointments available for up to an hour.  Mary holds a regular carers surgeries at the practice and is able to help carers by:

  • Discussing whether carers need/would benefit from a referral to health and social care and other support services
  • Helping them to register as a carer with their GP
  • Ensuring they and the person they care for are getting some of the key benefits they are entitled to
  • Linking them to appropriate emotional support where appropriate
  • Advising them about support to stay in or return to work
  • Ensuring that they have an emergency plan in place in case something happened to them
  • Completing a carers assessment

If you would like to make an appointment to see Mary, please contact reception.   These are normally held on the first Wednesday of every other month.  Alternatively home visits for support appointments can be arranged via the Carers Support Centre on 0117 965 2200. The Carers Support Centre is based in Fishponds.

Carers Support Volunteer

We are working with the Carers Centre to have a carers support volunteer attached to the practice and hope to introduce this service again very soon.